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BlackRock Hackathon

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Have you ever wondered where your money goes each month? Help us create an innovative solution to educate people on how to save money!

At BlackRock we are building something great in Budapest, our new global technology and innovation hub, where we want to shape a culture in which challenge, development and innovation happens every day. Our mission as an organisation is to create a better financial future for our clients.

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About the Hackathon

Saving money is not something intuitive for most people. Since money has gone digital, managing one’s assets has become an intangible experience that makes it difficult for most of us.

The challenge of this 24-hour Hackathon is to create a solution that will help people become more conscious about their spending habits. Your task will be to create a product or a service which can take any shape: an application, a subscription service, a gadget... anything you can think of. It’s all up to you and your team.



1st prize

  • Lunch with Melanie Seymour, Head of BlackRock Budapest
  • BlackRock workshop in Budapest
  • WizzAir €500 value voucher for the whole team
  • Google Home device, for each team member
  • BrainBar ticket, for each team member

2nd prize

  • BlackRock workshop in Budapest
  • WizzAir €300 value voucher for the whole team
  • BrainBar ticket, for each team member

3rd prize

  • BrainBar ticket, for each team member
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13TH APRIL, 2018
TESLA | 1075 BUDAPEST, KAZINCZY street 21.


13th April
4pm - 5pm Registration
5pm - 5.30pm Kickoff & keynote speech
5.30pm - 12am Groupwork and workshops
w/ the help of the mentors

14th April
12am - 4pm Groupwork and workshops
w/ the help of the mentors
4.30pm - 5pm Final pitches
5pm - 5.30pm Announcement of the results
5.30pm - 9pm Networking

We’ll inform you about the more detailed event plan if your team is chosen.


Tamás Ökrös Software Developer

Balázs Simonyi UX Designer

Tibor Szerényi FinTech Specialist

Ádám Suhajda FinTech Specialist

Orsolya Tóth Software Developer


IBM Budapest Lab

Gábor Dósa Senior Executive
Mars Nordics


RITA ÁDÁM Transition Manager, business development

Stay tuned, more names are coming...

Good to know

Question and answer

BlackRock is a diverse, global organization. We view our differences as strengths. We know that our success depends on our ability to use our collective experiences and ideas to achieve more for our clients and our business. We strongly believe that diverse skill sets and perspectives lead to better decision making, performance and innovation, especially in our complex, changing environments.


BlackRock and Design Terminal are expecting teams composed of people with different backgrounds - interdisciplinarity is key! Gather up a squad with programmers, designers, engineers, economists, anyone you can think of. We are looking for people who are:

Please note that we only accept the application of teams (teams of 3 to 5 people) and not individuals!

You will be given files that contain transaction history of a hypothetical user.
Teams, however, are not limited to use the data provided and can use any data from any source.

Yes, you’ll be asked to give a short presentation (max. 4 min.) at the end, covering the following topics:

Suggestion: do rehearse before the pitch!


Yes, we’ll have a constant food supply so that hunger cannot stand in the way of groundbreaking ideas. Please state any dietary restrictions of yours so we can take them into consideration when making orders.

No, you can leave anytime you want but please be aware that you might miss out on crucial help from our mentors.

Nothing. It’s completely FREE to attend and includes food, drinks and Wifi!

All intellectual property produced at the event is owned solely by the participants and their team. Further plans may be discussed between the partners and the teams after the event.

We are happy to help out with any questions! Just drop us a message at

Hackathon, the pitches and its evaluation processes will be in English.

Participants must bring their own laptops, ID cards and other tools they may need (charging device, mouse, USB flash drive, etc).